Image via conkeror21's Instagram

by Rajah Allarey

A "legendary" sneaker is making a return.

The Dada Supreme Spinners, originially released in 2001 and the signature shoe of Latrell Sprewell, will once again be up for retail consumption. For those too young to remember or don't know anything about them, the shoes were made during the height of the "spinners" trend in the automotive industry. Rims had an extra layer that would spin independently of the wheel which, honestly, looked pretty cool.

For those that do remember these, you're probably feeling some type of way. There's a good chance you're thinking back to your youth and smiling while reminiscing about the first time you saw these. Heck, a bunch of you might have even owned a pair; a dark secret that you probably would never admit. Whatever the case, the Spinners are on their way back for a whole new generation of 'heads to enjoy and gawk over. No official release date has been announced so stay tuned.