Celebrity Sneaker Closets
via Sports Illustrated

by Brandon Richard

For some collectors, closets themselves are just as important as the sneakers stored in them. The spaces not only need to be large enough to house hundreds of pairs, but should also make locating the one you're looking for easy.

This line of thinking extends to celebrities, who factor their sneaker collections into lavish living arrangements. In fact, new San Antonio Spurs forward LaMarcus Aldridge says he's building a separate house for his sneakers alone. While we wait for the official unveiling, here's a rundown of the best celebrity sneaker closets (so far).

15. Nick Cannon

Nick Cannon's Sneaker Closet (1)
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Nick Cannon's Sneaker Closet (2)

One of the hardest working men in show business deserves the perks. And of course, Nick Cannon is hilarious.

14. Floyd Mayweather

Floyd Mayweather's Sneaker Closet (1)
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Floyd Mayweather's Sneaker Closet (2)

Now 49-0, Mayweather says he's retiring from boxing, but probably isn't done buying insanely expensive high fashion sneakers.

13. Nate Robinson

Nate Robinson Sneaker Closet (1)

Nate Robinson Sneaker Closet (2)

Nate keeps a ton of his sneakers in his locker, so that probably explains the empty slots that were captured when this was shot.

12. Lance Gross

Lance Gross' Sneaker Closet (1)
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Lance Gross' Sneaker Closet (2)

Lance is one of the most underrated celebrity sneakerheads, so it's not surprising that his closet rates highly.

11. Ray Allen

Ray Allen's Sneaker Closet (1)
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Ray Allen's Sneaker Closet (2)

Ray hasn't worn anything but Air Jordans since 1998 and it shows.

10. Jrue Holiday

Jrue Holiday Sneaker Closet (1)
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Jrue Holiday Sneaker Closet (2)

Jrue probably did this photoshoot to make up for all of the times he couldn't show off his collection when he was with adidas.

9. Victor Cruz

Victor Cruz's Sneaker Closet (1)
via The Coveteur

Victor Cruz's Sneaker Closet (2)

Throw in a cereal bar and it could be a mini-KITH.

8. Joe Haden

Joe Haden's Sneaker Closet (1)

Joe Haden's Sneaker Closet (2)

After signing his new Jordan Brand deal, Joe will probably have to build a few more shelves.

7. Chris Brown

Chris Brown's Sneaker Closet (1)
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Organized chaos is the only way to describe Breezy's sneaker room. 

6. Chris Paul

Chris Paul's Sneaker Closet (1)
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Chris Paul's Sneaker Closet (2)

Chris Paul calls this room the Air Jordan Vault, and that's probably because his stash of Air Jordan 1s is bigger than your entire collection.

5. Jeremy Guthrie

Jeremy Guthrie Sneaker Vault (1)
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Jeremy Guthrie's Sneaker Vault (2)

If there's anything better than a sneaker closet, it's an actual sneaker vault.

4. Andre Iguodala

Andre Iguodala's Sneaker Closet (1)
via Michael Short

Andre Iguodala's Sneaker closet (2)

The reigning Finals MVP's double walk-in closet could pass as a boutique.

3. DJ Khaled

DJ Khaled's Sneaker Closet (1)
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DJ Khaled's Sneaker Closet (2)

Khaled loves his new sneaker room so much that he announced it mid-renovation.

2. CC Sabathia

CC Sabathia's Sneaker Closet (1)
via Architectual Digest

Captured in a 60 Minutes Sports preview earlier this year, Sabathia's "closet" is highlighted by humidors for sneaker storage.

1. Joe Johnson

Joe Johnson Sneaker Closet (1)
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Joe Johnson Sneaker Closet (2)

One of the NBA's most clutch shooters, Johnson is so obsessed with basketball that he gave his closet a hardwood court floor. He feels right at home anywhere basketball hoops are set up and the lighting makes his closet look like a true showroom.