via Sneaker Deco

by Zac Dubasik

Fans of the Air Max 1 now have a new way to show their love for the original Max Air-equipped runner. Rather than just wearing the shoe, they can now have it light up a room with this neon lamp designed by Hong Kong artist Ben Darmon. "I first made this Neon for my sneaker room after seeing a bigger version of it in the Nike HQ," Darmon says. "Soon, I started to receive many inquiries of Air Max 1 fans asking me where they could purchase it." And that's where the idea to start selling them came to be.

Each piece of the series is hand sculpted with real glass neon tubes, and it's limited to 187 lamps - "1" representing the model of Air Max, and "87" representing the year it was introduced. They also come shipped with adapters, making them suitable for both table-top or wall-mount use. 

The Air Max 1 Neon Light is available now for pre-order now for $222, and will begin shipping on Oct. 15.