Nike Solo Flight

by Brendan Dunne

Any American who was old enough to understand what was happening on Sep. 11, 2001, likely remembers where they were on that tragic day. One of them shared his story on today's 14th anniversary of the attacks, with a pair of Nike Solo Flight sneakers at the center of his recollection.

Instagram user heckgotkicks posted the below photo this morning, captioned with a description of his 9/11 experience. As he tells it, he went to school in downtown Manhattan a couple blocks from the World Trade Center. He describes running for his life once the first tower collapsed only to have his shoe, the Nike Solo Flight colorway pictured above, fall off his foot. He says he ran back, grabbed the sneaker, and resumed running from the raining debris.

While his grabbing the sneaker wasn't a wise move in retrospect, the story reflects the extent to which the footwear-obsessed can recall the pairs that were involved in pivotal moments in their lives.


RIP to all those lost on this day 14 years ago This is My 9/11 story through shoes. Well let's just start that I went to school in Downtown Manhattan less than 2 blocks away from the towers. And it was a day I would never forget. Seeing the explosions and buildings fall around me and my classmates was and is an image I can never get rid of. (Debris and Dust covering us and everything) But one thing I remember so vividly was when the first tower collapsed and that sound; That sound instantly turned me into Usain Bolt. I remember running for my life and my shoe fell off (Nike Solo Flight) pictured above.. And what did I do you ask? Yup I ran back got my shoe and kept running... There is way more to this story but this shoe probably means more to me than any shoe I could ever think off. (Almost Died for it) #HeckGotKicks #HSLAPS #WeWillNeverForget

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