by Brandon Richard

Despite proclaiming his love for adidas, James Harden was recently caught in a pair of Air Jordans. While he technically wasn't breaking any rules, due to his Nike deal running through the end of September, it certainly wasn't a good look. But it's far from the first time an endorser was spotted wearing the sneakers of a company they weren't being paid by. 

Unlike deals drawn up for professional athletes, celebrity sneaker endorsements typically aren't exclusive ventures. Entertainers are paid to wear and promote a brand's footwear and apparel, but often show up to events wearing product by rival brands. This isn't necessarily the wrong approach though. In fact, we contend that endorsers wearing multiple brands is actually a good thing.

How many celebrities have strayed away from the brands they pitch for? We've put together a list of 10 examples. Check it out and let us know if you see a problem with celebrity endorsers mixing things up.

Big Sean 

Big Sean wearing adidas & Vans

Endorses: adidas
Wears: Vans, Nike, Jordan
The Detroit Player is about as loyal to adidas as a celebrity endorser can be, but he switches things up from time to time. He particularly likes to wear designs by his friend Kanye West, which was made easier by Ye's jump to adidas.


Tyga wearing Reebok & Nike

Endorses: Reebok, L.A. Gear
Wears: Nike, Jordan, adidas
To his credit, Tyge wore T-Rawws damn near everywhere he went for about a year. However, he occasionally stepped out in Nike Yeezys and hooped in Jordans. Since signing to L.A. Gear, he's kept up his multi-brand approach, being seen in adidas Yeezys in addition to his own kicks.

Kanye West 

Kanye West wearing adidas & Nike

Endorses: adidas
Wears: Nike
It was his own shoe, so it's understandable. But Ye was frequently spotted wearing Nikes in the months following the announcement of his adidas deal.

Kanye West 

Kanye West wearing Nike & adidas

Endorsed: Nike
Wore: adidas
Of course, 'Ye also stepped out in adidas a few times while he was designing Nikes. 

Justin Bieber 

Justin Bieber wearing adidas & Supra

Endorses: adidas NEO
Wears: Supra / Vans
The pop star is the face of adidas' youth-focused NEO line, but has been a loyal wearer of Supra for years.

Teyana Taylor 

Teyana Taylor wearing adidas & Jordan

Endorsed: adidas
Wore: Nike, Jordan
Teyana wasn't featured in global campaigns, but she worked on her own adidas shoe and was preparing to drop the second colorway before the relationship abuptly ended. She was always an Air Jordan kind of girl though, and made sure to show us that throughout her time as part of the adidas family.

Wiz Khalifa 

Wiz Khalifa wearing Converse & ASICS

Endorses: Converse
Wears: ASICS, Nike, Jordan
Wiz hasn't given up on his Converse collection, but he's been frequently seen wearing Jordans and Forces. He even broke out a pair of ASICS for a pre-Grammy event last year.

Heidi Klum 

Heidi Klum wearing New Balance & Supra

Endorses: New Balance
Wears: Supra
The German supermodel has been successfully rolling out women's sportswear collections with New Balance since 2010. However, when Heidi isn't working out, she's almost always laced up in Supra.

Rick Ross 

Rick Ross wearing Reebok & Jordan

Endorsed: Reebok
Wore: Jordan
Ross became one of Reebok's most high-profile endorsers when he inked a deal with the brand three years ago. Unfortunately, controversial lyrics and uproar from protestors led to his release a year later. The irony is that he's probably worn more Reebok since being dropped than he did while officially part of the team.

Meek Mill

Meek Mill wearing PUMA & Jordan

Endorses: PUMA
Wears: Nike, Jordan
Meek has been pitching for PUMA since late-2012, but hasn't completely distanced himself from Jordans. He does stick with his brand for the most part though, and this partnership has worked out way better than his old alliance with Reebok.

Lil' Wayne 

Lil' Wayne wearing Supra & Jordan

Endorses: Supra
Wears: Jordan
No less than four models make up Weezy's Supra Spectre line, but that didn't stop him from wearing other brands. He can frequently be spotted sitting courtside at NBA games in the latest Jordan retros.