by Brandon Richard

Auction house SCP recently launched its Mid-Summer Classic auction lot, featuring a wide range of collectible vintage sports memorabilia. As usual, Michael Jordan pieces are among the main attractions, including five pairs of his game-worn sneakers.

A journey through Jordan’s career, the auctions start with a pair of Converse from his time at UNC and end with an Air Jordan 18 he wore during his final NBA season in Washington. In between, there’s an Air Jordan 2 and two pairs of Air Jordan 7s.

The Nike Air Ship worn by Jordan early in his rookie season was recently sold by SCP for $71,000.

Read on for a closer look at these piece of history.

Converse Pro Star (1982)

Michael Jordan Game-Worn Converse Pro Star (1982)

Current Bid: $0,000

This pair was apparently worn by Jordan early in UNC's 1982 National Championship season.

Air Jordan 2 (1987)

Michael Jordan Game-Worn Air Jordan 2 from 1987

Current Bid: $2,363

Worn during the 1986-87 season, Jordan’s third campaign, this Air Jordan 2 was sourced from a former Chicago Bulls equipment manager. The game(s) Jordan wore this pair in haven’t been pinpointed and the midsoles show significant deterioration.

Air Jordan 7 "Hare" (1992)

Michael Jordan Game-Worn Air Jordan 7 Hare (1992)

Current Bid: $2,750

This pair of “Hare” Air Jordan 7s was given to a Detroit Pistons ballboy following a game against the visiting Chicago Bulls. Jordan went for 34 points, 6 rebounds and 6 assists in an 87-85 victory over the Bad Boys.

Air Jordan 7 "Olympic" (1992)

Michael Jordan Game-Worn Air Jordan 7 Olympic (1992)

Current Bid: $0,000

A former teammate of Jordan’s reportedly handed over this game-worn pair of “Olympic” 7s from the Dream Team’s historic run in Barcelona. The shoes look odd with replaced white laces, though.

Air Jordan 18 "Royal" (2003)

Michael Jordan Game-Worn 'Royal' Air Jordan 18

Current Bid: $2,500

The most hilarious story out of all the game-worn Jordans, this pair of 18s was gifted to former New Orleans Hornets wing Stacey Augmon after Jordan lit him up for 45 points in a 109-104 Wizards victory on February 1, 2003.