Fan Made: Lego Air Jordan IV "Bred"

Fan Made: LEGO x JordanThe Air Jordan IVs took the shoe game to new heights, just ask Craig Ehlo. #MJMondays

Posted by FOX Sports on Monday, August 3, 2015

by Brendan Dunne

By now, most of the sneaker Internet has seen the LEGO creations of Tom Yoo, who has earned some notoriety by creating renderings of Air Jordans and the like featuring the bricks of your childhood.

Getting away from imaginations and renderings is this new clip from him, which features an actual, physical Air Jordan 4. The video captures the transition from 735 individual pieces into one Air Jordan, although it unfortunately doesn't come with an inventory or instructions on how to make one.

As cool as the creation is, Yoo might lose a couple points here for not slapping "Nike Air" on the back.

Lego Air Jordans