by Brendan Dunne

FUBU may be thinking about cutting a check for the KKK member caught wearing its sneakers.

At least that's what Daymond John, founder of the apparel company, says in this new clip from TMZ. John says he's conflicted about the guy's obvious racism, but can't deny that he's got great taste in sneakers.

In the hilarious clip, John goes on to say that he's happy about the exposure that the incident earned his brand.

"People have been calling FUBU every day now, of all colors," John says. "He brought it back. I wish he'd just change his ways. I need to know his name, I want to write him a check!"

John even says that he'll give the guy a job. While he's obviously joking, the FUBU-rocking Klansman might be wise to at least try his luck with a pitch on Shark Tank.