Air Jordan 11s have been used for formal wear since their inception, with Boyz II Men infamously pairing the shoes with suits back in the '90s.

Since then, plenty of proms and weddings have featured the sneakers on feet. One recently married basketball couple decided to take it to the next level by wearing these matching pairs of custom Air Jordan 11s, created by SWB Artwear, at their wedding. The shoes feature a totally original colorway, a mention of the ceremony's date on the medial side of the mudguard, and redone Jumpman logos made to look like the bridge and groom.

There's even a meta-footwear reference, with the bride and groom logos wearing the same colorway that's shown here.

One has to wonder what will become of the shoes now that the wedding has passed, but at least they're more practical for everyday wear than a wedding dress.