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by Brendan Dunne

Soles by Sir, aka Marcus Rivero, is a big name in the world of custom cleats – one need look no further than his earning the attention of Nike for proof of that.

Unfortunately he's been set back a bit by a recent robbery. The custom sneaker creator's warehouse in Hialeah, Fla., was broken into, with thieves grabbing around 65 pairs of cleats that amount to somewhere between $25,000 and $35,000 in merchandise.

This sneaker thievery can't have been terribly calculated, as grabbing one-off sneakers is probably a bad look.

Rivero is offering a cash reward, detailed in the Instagram post below, for anyone who can help him track the sneakers down.


So last night I was robbed..... I NEED YOUR HELP, esp all my MIAMI followers. $1,000 reward in CASH to anyone that can help me get these cleats back. Over 40 pairs of Adidas freaks, Adizeros, CrazyQuicks lows and highs.... A Custom Pair of Under Armor for @lomogram , and a Pair of Nike customs for @vontaedavis were all STOLEN from me. I just want to get them back, by any means necessary and would love to see the men who did this pay. PLEASE REPOST, TAG, contact me whatever to help catch these idiots..... It's sad in a world where anyone can make their own money, that people have to steal and rob to try and get ahead. While I know this is a long shot, I'm still going to try and I have a feeling it may work. So I beg you all for any sort of help you can give me it would mean the world, and if it helps to catch the fool who did this I will personally hand you 1,000 cash. #SolesBySir #pleaseHelp #REPOST #Miami

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