by Brendan Dunne

It's not exactly surprising at this point to hear of another Facebook sneaker sale meetup that turned out to be a setup for a robbery.

What is surprising is that police were able to track down the thief, 21-year-old Darrell Wiggins, after he apparently used his real name in the Facebook group where the sale was set up.

Wiggins met with a teenager in San Antonio who was selling a pair of what KSAT 12 calls "Air Jordan Toro basketball shoes" (we're guessing these Jordan 4s) in a group called "210 sneakers, electronics, and more." He asked to see the sneakers and then drove off in his car with the shoes in tow. The victim grabbed on to the car and was dragged along, suffering cuts, before eventually letting go.

All the victim had to do to trace down the suspect though was go back to the original Facebook post, find the thief's name, and alert the police. Wiggins has since been arrested and charged with robbery causing bodily injury.