by Brendan Dunne

It's safe to say that at the wise old age of 89, Evelyn Williams is up there in terms of the oldest people who have sneakers from the Nike LeBron line.

Williams, who lives in Massillon, Ohio, recently got a pair of the LeBron 12 "USA" as a birthday gift from her family. As a huge LeBron James fan, Williams wanted to make sure she was covered on the sneaker side with some proper footwear to show her devotion for King James.

In an interview with FOX8, Williams, who has been a fan of LeBron since his rookie year (and even stuck with him through the Heat days) said the only thing she wanted for her birthday was LeBron shoes.

She hopes she'll get a chance to meet him one day.

"I'd love to meet him," Williams said. "I'd like to get a hug from him and I'd like to shake his hand and see that smilin' face that's forever looking at us."