by Brandon Richard

SneakerCon packs thousands of sneakerheads in venues for a showcase of the best kicks in the world. And 99.9 percent of the time, it's a peaceful assembly, which is impressive considering the turnout. However, today's New York City event was part of the .1 percent, as two attendees felt the need to disturb the peace with a "brawl."

Fortunately, neither of these dudes have hands and it didn't escalate beyond a struggle slam. And on this day, all we learned is that "Johnny Kilroy" Air Jordan 9s > adidas Slides (that's not really true, by the way).

There's comedy in this silly looking fight, but remember that it's completely disrespectful to engage in any kind of negativity at an event. Plus, they're just sneakers — and there's plenty for all of us. Let's all stay safe.

H/T Complex