by Gerald Flores

Remember that skater that went viral on all of the sneaker blogs for absolutely trashing his adidas Yeezy 350 Boosts? Well, turns out a little Internet fame doesn't equate into more $$ (surprisingly).

Piro Sierra's skateboarding vid of him riding around New York City in a pair of sneakers that are reselling for an average of $844 a pair on eBay has gotten over 300,000 hits on YouTube. In an interview with Complex, the skater says he hasn't gotten any financial benefit from doing the stunt, except for a couple thousand more followers on Instagram. "Nothing’s changed for me. I’m still broke. I’m still in the hood," Sierra said. He added that he didn't even know what the sneakers were when he got them from a friend, and he's usually up to skate in any sneakers that he ends up getting for free.

The skater, who used to work in construction before deciding to skateboard full-time, does have a couple sponsors that hook him up with free product, but not actual money. "I have $2 in my pocket right now," Sierra told Complex. "That’s what I’ve got to my name."