by Brendan Dunne

Any time a rare, vintage Michael Jordan clip shows up it's worth paying attention to.

This one, apparently filmed during a 1986 pick up game at North Carolina, ends up interesting on the sneaker side thanks to the mysterious pair that His Airness is wearing. The grainy nature of the video renders the shoe difficult to identify.

The description for the video mentions that Jordan was still recovering from his broken foot, which mean the clip probably predated the Air Jordan 2. But the sneaker clearly isn't colorful enough to be an Air Jordan 1, unless it's the 'White/Neutral Grey' version.

There's a slow-motion bit around :25 where a small Swoosh flashes as MJ flails around in the air – a Swoosh so small that it almost looks like the forgotten Air Jordan Sky High.

Watch the clip and feel free to speculate if you think you can figure out Jordan's footwear here.