by Brendan Dunne

Marshawn Lynch is the latest to go sneaker shopping with Complex and Joe La Puma, as captured in this new clip that just released today.

Proving that he's not there just so he won't get fined, Lynch is plenty talkative on camera. He speaks on the Payless footwear he had growing up, his upcoming sneaker collaboration with Greats, and even let's the world know he's looking for some Yeezys.

Lynch ends up buying a pair in the video, but not before sending a word out to Kanye.

"I know ya'll probably got a line on Kanye," Lynch says. "Tell him to send me some of these."

If Kanye does send him a care package, it's probable that Lynch's sponsors at Nike wouldn't be too thrilled about Beast Mode donning adidas Yeezy Boosts.