LOTS Air Jordans
via The Coveteur

by Brendan Dunne

Anyone lucky enough to have just one pair of the "Legends of the Summer" Air Jordans, made exclusively for Justin Timerblake's 20/20 tour, in their collection knows how tough of a get the shoes were. Lenny S., an exec at Roc Nation, has the full trio. What's more, the sneakers were given to him by Timberlake himself.

In an interview with The Coveteur, Lenny told the story of how Timberlake randomly showed up backstage during the tour with three pairs for him. At first he thought Timberlake was looking for Roc Nation head honcho Jay Z, but it turned out the gift was for Lenny.

Lenny says that the personal delivery is representative of Timberlake's overall down to earth nature.

"They were just for Justin and Jay but he hand delivered me a pair of each in my size," Lenny recalled. "It’s a testament to what kind of guy he is. He could have sent his manager or assistant over but that’s the kind of guy he is.”