Michael Jordan 6 Rings

by Brendan Dunne

What started out as a quick tweet from Chandler Parsons alluding to a DeAndre Jordan trade to Dallas has erupted into a huge wave of NBA players chipping in with their own emoji responses to their current status.

Chris Paul made reference to his recent banana boating adventures.

Blake Griffin, who is also on vacation right now, dropped this one off.

The Warriors reminded everyone of their champ status.

Even old man Paul Pierce hilariously tried to get in on the fun by tweeting out a picture of an emoji instead of an actual emoji.

Jordan Brand decided to get in on the fun as well, offering a unique bit of brand voice that wasn't really available before the social media days. Out of nowhere, @Jumpman23 dropped off the below tweets, representing Michael Jordan's fist full of rings and his GOAT status. Bravo Jordan Brand.