by Brendan Dunne

Don't show up to Michael Jordan's house wearing Reeboks.

That was the lesson learned by Bow Wow during a childhood stay at Jordan's Chicago home. In a video interview from a few years ago that Uproxx dug up today, Bow Wow tells the story.

Apparently he's always been close with Jordan's sons Marcus and Jeffrey, so he would often go to their house when he was in Chicago. One particular time he went there wearing Allen Iverson Reeboks, which caught the attention of MJ.

As Bow Wow tells it, Jordan found the shoes and demanded to know who they belonged to. He also let the young rapper know about what kind of footwear would be more appropriate.

"C'mon man," Bow Wow recalls Jordan saying, "You know you gotta have on some Jumpmans."

 From there, Bow Wow says he never saw his Reeboks again.