Bioknit Sneakers
Images via Ammo Liao

by Brendan Dunne

Ever since Nike Flyknit technology made its debut, almost every sneaker company out there has reacted with its own take on knit footwear.

By now, even independent designers are trying their hand at creating sneakers in this more environmentally friendly way. Enter Ammo Liao, a designer who created these sneakers using his Bio-Knit material. The sneakers use a single-fiber fabric, meaning that they're more easily recycled. Heat setting can reinforce certain areas of the shoe, which provides more structure in the absence of typical sneaker materials.

For now, Liao's Bio-Knit sneakers look to be a project showcasing the namesake material rather than a full-on line that's ready for purchase. But, perhaps with the right amount of convincing from the sneaker set, these knit designs could hit the market.

via PSFK