Crep Protect available in-store @titoloshop Berne | Zurich

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by Brendan Dunne

Imagine forking over a couple thousand dollars for a pair of adidas Yeezy Boosts only to accidentally spill a whole bottle of ketchup on that supple suede.

That seems to be the scenario imagined by this amusing promo video from the folks at Crep Protect. The product, which is sprayed on, aims to keep sneakers from getting ruined with its clean fashion technology. This of course means plenty of amusing promo videos, wherein all sorts of heinous substances are poured on sneakers in order to prove that the stuff really works. Hence the clip above.

For anyone who works at a Heinz Ketchup factory but is afraid to wear their Yeezys to work, there is now a solution.

UPDATE 7/10: If one pair of ketchup splattered Yeezys wasn't horrifying enough, Crep has done the same to the Yeezy 350 Boost. Giving sneakerheads everywhere a sigh of relief, the company's rain and stain spray appears to get the job done as advertised.