Stephen Curry is in the midst of the most successful season of his NBA career. Not only did he lead all voting for the All-Star Game and capture league MVP, but he’s also in the middle of an NBA Finals run where his Golden State Warriors are heavily favored over the injury-riddled Cleveland Cavaliers.

Regardless of the outcome of the Finals, there’s no denying Curry has made the jump from “star” to “superstar.” And similar to other big superstars, Curry leads his own signature sneaker line. What’s not so similar however is the company that endorsement deal is with. While Nike and adidas have basically written the book on sports marketing, Curry is the first elite-level basketball player even signed to Under Armour.

If he were still with Nike, we may be able to imagine what’d come next as far as taking his marketing to the next level. But with UA being so new to the game, we’re entering uncharted waters. To explore this topic, we posed the question seen above to our Twitter followers: How should Under Armour capitalize on the success Steph Curry's MVP season? Below are some of the best responses.