Under Armour Curry One MVP

by Brandon Richard

Celebrating Stephen Curry as the NBA's best, Under Armour released the highly anticipated "MVP" Curry One this morning.

Sadderday morning letdowns are now the usual, but Under Armour has never had this kind of buzz for a single basketball sneaker release. As expected, there were some hiccups on underarmour.com, making checkout extremely difficult for some customers. Purchasing at Foot Locker, Eastbay and Finishline also proved to be quite a mission.

As always, Twitter had plenty to say on the matter. Some people were pleased to get through, while others swore off Under Armour forever. Because it's way easier to cop Nikes and Jordans online. But people did react, and that's great news for Under Armour and Curry.

Here's 20 takes on the "MVP" Under Armour Curry One release from Twitter: