by Brendan Dunne

A massive stash of Nike sneakers in Florida is at the center of a particularly strange case of inter-family theft.

The sneakers were as reported stolen on June 15 by Kaitlyn Warnock, who said she had between 800 and 1,000 pairs, worth $75,000 total. Police found some of those sneakers during their arrest of Kyle Gullo, who has now been charged with the theft. Gullo is the younger brother of Warnock's boyfriend Noah Hansen.

Gullo lead the police to his apartment where the sneakers were stored after he was arrested following a car chase. The chase was initiated when Gullo, who apparently has mental health issues, shot at a cop car that was following him.

To make matters more confusing, the police only found around 20 pairs at Gullo's residence. But, Warnock claimed to have heard him selling $5,000 worth of the sneakers over the phone – a claim she later said the police told her to make.

If the sneakers were indeed stolen, she's still down at least 780 pairs. Good luck getting those back.

via The Daytona Beach News Journal