by Brendan Dunne

A 19-year-old with special needs was murdered in Los Angeles last Friday, shot in front of his mother after refusing to give up the red sneakers he wore.

The victim, Tavin Price, was at a car wash with his mother near the intersection of Florence and 11th avenues Los Angeles when he left to a nearby store to buy cigarettes. In the store, Price was approached by a man who asked about the red color of his clothes and his possible gang affiliation.

KTLA reports that the man confronted Price again back at the car wash, where he demanded that he take his shoes off. After Price refused, the man shot him in the back and chest.

Price was taken to the hospital but did not survive the attack.

Police and family members say Price had no gang affiliation.

Surveillance cameras in the area captured images of the gunman, but he hasn't been identified by police. Anyone with information about the crime can call Crime Stoppers at 800-222-8477.