via Nike

by Brendan Dunne

Remember those Nike "What the Doernbecher" Dunk auctions that had prices reaching the $100,000 mark and beyond?

Nike has canceled them all and started at square one today with a new set of auctions. This time around, anyone wanting to bid on a pair will have to email the seller in order to be placed on a pre-approved buyer list first.

According to the Portland Business Journal, a spokeswoman for the Doernbecher Children's Hospital said that the original auctions were canceled due to "unusual bidding." Indeed, many of the ridiculously high bids on the pairs were made by accounts with feedback numbers in the single digits. What's more, the prices far exceeded those on the Nike Mag charity auctions from 2011, and it's safe to say the Mag is generally a much more coveted shoe.

The new Nike What the Doernbecher Dunk auctions are listed here.