Sneakerheads and comic book collectors are a lot more alike than most realize. Both groups are obsessively dedicated to their hobbies, misunderstood by “outsiders,” impatiently count down release dates, and don’t let aging deter them from a passion that likely began during childhood. And for these reasons, it’s not surprising that many sneaker collectors are also comic book enthusiasts.

The connection is also evident when scouring through the thousands of NIKEiD designs shared through social media. Sneakerheads often express their fondness for comics with colorways inspired by their favorite animated antagonists. Batman, Superman and Spider-Man are obvious favorites, but even supporting characters are immortalized on sneakers.

Here's the 30 best comic superhero (and supervillain) customs found on Instagram.

30. Air Max 1 "Batman"

Nike iD Air Max 1 Batman

Designer: nicholasjensk

29. Roshe Run "Captain America"

Nike iD Roshe Run Captain America

Designer: jooe_c

28. LeBron 10 "Wolverine"

Nike iD LeBron X 10 Wolverine

Designer: shonefan4

27. LeBron 11 "Superman"

Nike iD LeBron XI 11 Superman

Designer: e_price_da_king

26. Free 5.0 "Nova"

Nike iD Free 5.0 Nova

Designer: cbopp6

25. Free Trainer 5.0 "Batman"

Nike iD Free Trainer 5.0 Batman

Designer: randythereckoning

24. Kobe 9 EM "Green Lantern"

Nike iD Kobe IX 9 EM Green Lantern

Designer: atlsolesurvivor

23. Kobe 10 "The Flash"

Nike iD Kobe X 10 The Flash

Designer: relly_re11

22. Kobe 5 "Iron Man"

Nike iD Kobe V 5 Iron Man

Designer: xsnkrhedx

21. Kyrie 1 "Kryptonite"

Nike iD Kyrie 1 Kryptonite

Designer: orangecrush17

20. Air Force 1 Low "Wolverine"

Nike iD Air Force 1 Low 'Wolverine'

Designer: gentry187

19. LeBron 11 "Aquaman"

Nike iD LeBron XI 11 Aquaman

Designer: boghagon

18. LeBron 11 "Iron Man"

Nike iD LeBron XI 11 Iron Man

Designer: dc_wangster

17. LeBron 12 "Spider-Man"

Nike iD LeBron XII 12 Spider-Man

Designer: danieleubanksss

16. KD 6 "Hulk"

Nike iD KD VI 6 Incredible Hulk

Designer: sneakerphile42

15. Air Max 90 "Wolverine"

Nike iD Air Max 90 Wolverine

Designer: freehandprofit

14. LeBron 9 "Joker"

Nike iD LeBron IX 9 Joker

Designer: so_soleful

13. LeBron 12 "Ms. Marvel"

Nike iD LeBron XII 12 'Ms. Marve'

Designer: mike730

12. Kyrie 1 "Venom"

Nike iD Kyrie 1 Venom

Designer: air_steezy

11. LeBron 11 "Spawn"

Nike iD LeBron XI 11 Spawn

Designer: jeezy__

10. Air Max 1 "Robin"

Nike iD Air Max 1 Robin

Designer: tracytubera

9. Kobe 6 "Superman"

Nike iD Kobe VI 6 Superman

Designer: theshoeperman

8. KD 7 "Mr. Incredible"

Nike iD KD VII 7 Mr. Incredible

Designer: davidlanceolson

7. Kobe 8 "Magneto"

Nike iD Kobe VIII 8 Magneto

Designer: gillydafish

6. Kobe 2 "Robin"

Nike iD Zoom Kobe 2 Robin

Designer: neverwearthem

5. Air Max 1 "Bruce Wayne"

NIKEiD Air Max 1 Bruce Wayne

Designer: itsbrucewayne

4. Kobe 8 SS "Mr. Freeze"

Nike iD Kobe 8 SS Mr. Freeze

Designer: custom_carl

3. LeBron 12 "Silver Surfer"

Nike iD LeBron XII 12 Silver Surfer

Designer: kicks_4dayz

2. Kobe 9 Elite Low "Batman"

Nike iD Kobe IX 9 Elite Low Batman

Designer: rlwayne141

1. KD 6 "Spider-Man"

NIKEiD KD 6 'Spider-Man'

Designer: man3yeld