List 'Em: Top 10 Worst NBA Draft Suits

words // Zac Dubasik

It's draft day again, and everyone knows what that means: Time to remember your favorite draft suits.

Back before the dress code, this was one of, if not the only times, to see your favorite players dressed to the nines. Better taste has prevailed in recent years unfortunately, and there're less laughs than in years past.

But what better occasion to take a look back at some of Draft Night's best outfits. What are your favorites? Any others that should have made our list?

Honorable Mention: Amar'e Stoudemire (2002, 9th overall by the Phoenix Suns)

Top 10 Worst NBA Draft Suits - Amar'e Stoudemire

You tell us. Does this look like the shape of a suit?

10. Robert Horry (1992, 11th overall by the Houston Rockets)

Top 10 Worst NBA Draft Suits - Robert Horry

Name one guy that wore peak lapels with a tie from the Bill Cosby Sweater Collection on draft night, who DIDN'T win seven titles. It may not be a winning fashion formula, but it's hard to knock the results.

9. Darko Milicic (2003, 2nd overall by the Detroit Pistons)

Top 10 Worst NBA Draft Suits - Darko Milicic

Durasheen cap? Check. Tie juuuuust visible under jersey? Check. Bleached highlights? Check. Whatever Darko actually did right with his suit was quickly undone by over-accesorizing.

8. Eric Gordon (2008, 7th overall by the Los Angeles Clippers)

Top 10 Worst NBA Draft Suits - Eric Gordon

It's easy to laugh at ill-fitting suits from days past. Granted, most of them looked bad at the time, but it's only fair to pay tribute to a modern interpretation of the "Draft Night Suit." Unlike most of the entrants on this list, Eric Gordon actually got the fit right. But he also managed to get just about everything else wrong.

His lack of enthusiasm is understandable - he did just find out he'd be playing for Donald Sterling - but the width of his tie and white collar are not.

7. Maurice Taylor (1997, 14th overall by the Los Angeles Clippers)

Top 10 Worst NBA Draft Suits - Maurice Taylor

Unfortunately for Maurice Taylor, the Hornets had traded both of their picks in '97, leaving only the Vancouver Grizzlies for possible color coordination with this suit.

And while it may have looked good with a Vancouver hat, the Grizz had plans other than Taylor with the #4 pick. It was probably the right choice considering Antonio Daniels had a longer career, while Taylor, who fell to #14, has been out of the League for six years.

6. Bonzi Wells (1998, 11th overall by the Detroit Pistons)

Top 10 Worst NBA Draft Suits - Bonzi Wells

Like many NBA players, Bonzi Wells isn't afraid of buttons when it comes to his suits. He's also not afraid of ever outgrowing this suit, even if he gains 400 pounds. (He's not afraid of trespassing charges, or Danny Ferry, either.)

5. Samaki Walker (1996, 9th overall by the Dallas Mavericks)

Top 10 Worst NBA Draft Suits - Samaki Walker

Samaki Walker's suit wasn't actually green and gold, but it sure lends itself to the Don "Magic" Juan-approved color scheme.

4. Bobby Jackson (1997, 23rd overall by the Seattle SuperSonics)

Top 10 Worst NBA Draft Suits - OG Bobby Jackson

There are those who say that no suit should ever have more than three buttons. Bobby Jackson is not among them.

3. Jalen Rose (1994, 13th overall by the Denver Nuggets)

Top 10 Worst NBA Draft Suits - Jalen Rose

It's hard to say exactly why Jalen chose to go with an all-red suit for Draft night, but there's no doubt that it was the right choice. 17 years later, it stands as one of the most iconic looks from Draft night. The fact that he picked the perfect tie helps too.

2. Tim Thomas (1997, 7th overall by the New Jersey Nets)

Top 10 Worst NBA Draft Suits - Tim Thomas

Once upon a time (as in 2000), Tim Thomas took a car for a test drive ... and never returned it. Hopefully he acquired this suit the same way, because based on the fit, there's no way he purchased it for himself.

1. Drew Gooden (2002, 4th overall by the Memphis Grizzlies)

 Top 10 NBA Draft Suits: Drew Gooden 

It's been exactly 11 years since Drew Gooden was drafted, and I still can't see this picture without literally laughing out loud.

The length of the jacket screams "lab coat," and the number of buttons is left to your own imagination thanks to being hidden behind an expertly designed flap. Smart money would be on at least 15, but then again, there could even be a zipper back there. Only Drew and his tailor know for sure.