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by Brendan Dunne

During Game 4 of the 2015 NBA Finals last night, LeBron James ended up with a nasty cut on his head after colliding with a cameraman on the sidelines.

After the collision, one man on the sidelines was particularly incensed, calling the cameraman laying there a "fucking asshole" and telling him, "It is your fault."

The man also apparently decided that it wasn't just the cameraman's fault.

According to the Washington Post that man is Lynn Merritt, LeBron's brand manager at Nike. This isn't the first time that Merrit's been overzealous about protecting LeBron from the media either.

Apparently back in 2009, Merritt demanded that videographers present at the LeBron James Skills Academy delete footage they had of LeBron getting dunked on by Xavier’s Jordan Crawford. One of those videographers chimed in on Twitter last night after seeing Merritt cursing out the cameraman.

via Washington Post