Fake adidas Yeezy Boosts
via Yeezy Collection

by Brendan Dunne

The adidas Yeezy 750 Boost is one of those sneakers that will inevitably be knocked-off into oblivion.

Indeed, there are already plenty of illicit websites offering up replica pairs of the coveted Kanye West sneakers. Perhaps the most entertaining of them all is Yeezy Collection, a site that stands apart from the usual fake peddlers with its relatively sleek design. The site has some hilarious copy too where it's very upfront about the fact that it's selling fakes:

"Our fake Yeezy boost are so perfectly reproduced, you won’t even be able to tell the difference! Our replicas are made with the best quality, most authentic looking replica yeezy shoes available on the net! Don’t be fooled by cheap knockoff yeezys. Ours have the look and touch of the original!"

That's right, they want you to steer clear of the "cheap knockoff yeezys" and grab the....slightly less cheap knockoff Yeezys from them. They also note that, "it’s important that you buy replica sneakers that match the materials and fabric of the original."

This probably isn't what Kanye meant when he said he wanted Yeezys to be available for everyone.