via The New Yorker

If you're a subscriber to The New Yorker, you might have seen an artist's rendering of potential Republican hopefuls all suiting up for the upcoming presidential race. If you're a sneakerhead worth your salt, you should have also noticed New Jersey governor Chris Christie lacing up a pair of Air Jordan 11s. The artist behind the cover, Mark Ulriksen, who knows all about what the Air Jordan 11 means to sneakerheads, explained why he chose to draw Christie in the iconic shoes, made famous by Michael Jordan in 1995.

"I had him wearing Air Jordans because they are a coveted sneaker for a segment of the population and Christie strikes me a a guy who would want to be popular by hanging with celebrities (see Bruce Springsteen) and would want to appear hip and cool by wearing these sneakers," Ulriksen said. "The cultural significance of the shoe in my mind rests with its brand recognition and the sad fact that people have killed others in order to obtain them."

So, there you have it. The illustrator drew the New Jersey governor in Air Jordan 11 "Concords" because he figured that Christie would be a hypebeast.