by Brandon Richard

Little has changed since Sports Illustrated published the 'Your Sneakers or Your Life' issue in 1990. Seemingly every week, there's a new story about a kid being robbed and/or murdered over sneakers. In fact, the escalating value of sneakers has only made things worse.

All isn't bad in the sneaker game, though. From style to charity to forming friendships, it's a mostly positive experience for collectors. But the moments when things do take a turn for the worst really put what's important in perspective.

Enter former Oregon Ducks lineback Carlyle Garrick, who put together a video showing the highs and lows of being a sneaker enthusiast — particularly as it pertains to collecting Air Jordans. 'The Shoes' is a short clip with a big story about the good and bad of collecting.

The Shoes by Carlyle Garrick