via Est1991__

by Brendan Dunne

Whoever runs the @Nikestore Twitter account has to suffer through plenty of online abuse. The account's Twitter mentions are often filled with angry customers every time one of its sneakers sells out at a seemingly impossible speed. But, the the person behind the account still manages to have some fun by intereacting with its more vocal followers.

One of those followers, @Est1991__, aka Charles Henderson, 23 of Mobile, Ala., pestered Nikestore enough that he eventually got a free, totally unexpected package of product from the brand. But, it wasn't full of sneakers as he'd hoped. Instead, Nikestore sent him two packages of Oreos and a whole bunch of corks, as a reference to Henderson's frequent chiding about two pairs of sneakers.

Those would be the Nike Air Max 90 "Cork" and the Nike Flyknit Racer "Oreo 2.0." Henderson said he missed out on the former, but successfully purchased the latter. And he lets Nikestore know that he wants more whenever he gets the chance.

"Every time Nike tweets out the release for a shoe, I tweet them 'not Corks' or 'not Oreos'," Henderson explained. "I missed out on the Corks, I didn't get the Corks because they were kinda hard to get. I got the Oreo Racers."

Other than the Air Maxes, he hasn't had much trouble buying off Nikestore.

"I'm successful on getting the limited kicks all the time," Henderson said. "I get just about all the limited shoes that do come out."

On May 20, Henderson wondered if his dedication to the brand would ever be rewarded. Little did he know, he would soon get one of those gifts from Nike, although it wouldn't be shoes. On Tuesday, May 26, Henderson had an unexpected package delivered to his house.

"I woke up this morning and I had a package on my doorstep, I didn't know what it was," Henderson said. "They didn't send me a DM or nothin' about what's my address."

The package proved Nikestore was listening. Henderson quickly took to Twitter to show off the gift pack that Nike sent him. At last he had his Oreos and corks, but not the sneakers that those nicknames reference – the box was filled with literal Oreos and corks. Nike even framed one of his tweets as part of the care package. Nikestore tacitly confirmed itself as the source of the package by replying to Henderson's tweet showing off the box.

Henderson said that he was expecting pairs of sneakers to be inside when the package first showed up on his doorstep.

"Two pairs," Henderson said, when explaining what he thought might be in the box. "I really thought it was going to be the Air Max and the Racers."

Henderson said that Nike's troll move hasn't discouraged him from buying from them in the future.

"I kinda laughed but I realized that this is really dope," Henderson said. "They care that much."