Antonio Maurice Boykin, a 15-year old boy from Northside Jacksonville, is being charged as an adult in a shooting over Air Jordan sneakers.

The incident began with a 19-year old woman’s Facebook listing for the sneakers, which was responded to by someone — presumably Boykin and/or his associates. They agreed to meet up to complete the transaction on Feb. 22. On that afternoon, the woman drove up with two men to the location, where three people were on bicycles waiting for her.

Boykin was given the white and baby blue sneakers (likely the “Legend Blue” Air Jordan 11”) to look at, but was advised by one of his friends to not spend the money. That’s when things took a turn for the worse; he told the woman “You just got bucked” and pulled a gun on her and the other two men. A second individual with Boykin pulled up his shirt to reveal another gun.

The woman stepped on the gas pedal as Boykin unloaded shots, hitting the taillight according to the police report. He was later tracked down after he was recognized in the original Facebook offer.

A judge certified Boykin as an adult this week on charges of attempted murder and shooting deadly missiles. He is currently in jail with a bail set at $1 million.

via Florida Coast News

Air Jordan XI 11 Legend Blue
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