by Steve Jaconetta

One of the biggest topics of discussion for sneakerheads is how to store sneakers. Whether it’s a collector of deadstock rare gems or someone who simply rocks what they got and wants to keep them fresh for as long as possible, everyone seems to have a different method. Need some advice? Check out what some of our forum members had to say on the topic.

Awry: I take the paper out of the boxes. Colder temperatures are better than warmer temps. I also use plastic bags and silica packs. Also, don't stack boxes too high because we all know that heat rises.


Miami-kingz: I put my shoe in the boxes in the closet and routinely take them out so the glue doesn't cause any cracking.


Tikomix: If you're serious and have a lot of shoes, I would recommend a storage facility. You can rent areas as small as 5' x 5'. The best thing is it's climate controlled.


R21A: Walk-in closet with dehumidifier. The dehumidifier is great for preserving your kicks because humidity entails dampness, and dampness creates an environment that can cause yellowing, fogged air bubbles etc. etc.


brooklynson: Here are my suggestions:

1. You should put them in a sealed bag (zip lock etc.) to keep the dust and humidity out.

2. To avoid molding, put silica gel packs in the zip lock bags as well.

3. Cooler temperatures in dark places are preferable.

4. Do not bother storing to keep soles icey, as soles turn yellow because they oxidize. Tthis will naturally occur no matter what you do.

5. If it's in a garage, make sure they are secure there.


Aeropooch: Zip lock bags are good, but silica packs are a bad idea. It will pull the moisture from the shoe and you'll be walking on cookie crumb midsoles when you decide to pull them out for a ride. Keep ‘em cool and in the dark and you'll be fine. 

PJay707: I've kept all my shoes in 2.5 gallon ziploc bags for years and have had no problems. I take them out once a month and let them sit for a day and put them back in their bags. It works for me.


Nikolas: Never leave the paper that comes with the shoes in with the shoes when storing for a long time. It is slightly acidic and can cause yellowing over time. Silica gel packets are a double edged sword. On one hand they remove oxygen around the shoe, slowing the yellow process, but with polyurethane midsoles, it dries them out and raises the chance of cracking.  If I were to keep a shoe on ice for 5+ years, I would remove them from the box and put them in a plastic bin with a lid. The plastic will not have any negative effects on them. You should also take them out every few months to let them breathe for a day or two tto extend the life of the midsoles.