Sneakers make up a big chunk of items that are sold on eBay. Sneakerhead data site Campless released an in-depth analysis of its tracking of sneaker sales on the platform for the year 2014. Of its findings, Campless got the total amount of sellers who have sold sneakers on eBay, the top sellers by dollar amount, and top sellers by state.

2014's top seller, solesupremacysales, racked up $2.4 million off of sneakers. This doesn't account for how much the seller paid in fees or the overhead paid in gathering inventory. To put that number in context, an average Foot Locker store does about $2 million a year in sales.

Campless also broke down the shoes which drove the most revenue amongst the top sellers. Nike and Jordan Brand dominated the resale market on eBay. Coming in at number 1 was the low-top "Concord" Air Jordan 11, which made up $212,605 is sales last year. Red Octobers also made the list, despite the sale of only 17 pairs. 


via: Campless