Nike’s Shox launched in the year 2000, and was heralded as the next generation of cushioning technology. It featured an array of hollowed out columns, which combined with a Pebax dispersion plate to provide maximum impact protection along with a smooth and stable ride. Nike protected this innovation closely, and on this date in 2006, they filed a patent infringement suit against adidas, claiming that the brand’s a3 cushioning system copied elements of the technology. The companies reached an out-of-court agreement in August 2007 to have the case dismissed. As we remember this date, we are taking a look back at the best of the Shox line, which quietly continues on even through today.



Shox XT

Rank: 10
Year: 2001
When the Shox line first hit, it was best known for its basketball and running models. The Training model actually offered the most tech though, with its Posite-based upper and zipper shroud.

Shox TLX Mid SP

Rank: 9
Year: 2014
Nike Lab shocked everyone when rather than continuing in the direction of their forward-thinking initial releases, they dropped an updated Shox model. They may not have had the hype of other Nike Lab drops, but they were successful in the attempt to modernize the concept.  

Shox Bomber

Rank: 8
Year: 2005
The Shox Bomber pushed the line to the limits of excessiveness. The full length cushioning system gave the shoe a tank-like appearance, and the heel cutout only added to its less-than-sleek styling. The technology may have been on its way out at this point on premier-level product, but players like Jermaine O’Neal kept it visible on court. 

Shox VC 3

Rank: 7
Year: 2003
The VC 3 may have been the beginning of the end of Vince Carter’s heyday as a signature athlete, but it was the most streamlined look ever for full-length Shox. It also provided us with the memorable Tuskegee Airmen colorway, which was one of the only lifestyle-based VC editions.

Shox Griffey

Rank: 6
Year: 2002
If a signature sneaker line sticks around long enough, it’s bound to evolve when new technology is launched. And that’s exactly what happened with the Griffey line, when following years of Max Air, it implemented Shox for the 7th edition.

Shox NZ

Rank: 5
Year: 2002
If you think of Shox running sneakers, there’s one that comes to mind faster than any other. The NZ has been a staple for over a decade, and is still available on NIKEiD.

Shox VC

Rank: 4
Year: 2001
Nothing quite validates a technology like a signature sneaker. After wearing the Shox BB4 initially, the cushioning was made the centerpiece of Vince Carter’s Nike line on his first model.

Shox Stunner

Rank: 3
Year: 2002
The Shox Stunner took the foundation laid by the BB4, and then added every possible bit of additional tech that could be fit into a single shoe. An inner bootie, ankle strap, zippered TPU support system and Huarache-like elements combined for one of the most advanced hoops shoes in Nike’s history.

Shox Mercurial

Rank: 2
Year: 2014
Shox technology had been seemingly dormant for roughly a decade when Nike Sportswear dropped a collection of Magista and Mercurial-inspired colorways in honor of the World Cup. The collection included this new silhouette, which stacks up amongst the best of the Shox line.

Shox BB4

Rank: 1
Year: 2000
The Shox range may not have the heritage of the Force or Flight lines, but the BB4 has a moment that ranks among the top dunks in basketball history. The shoe will always be remembered for being on the feet of Vince Carter for his legendary leap over 7’2” Fredric Weis in the 2000 Olympics.