by Brendan Dunne

Kanye West is an adidas man now, but he says he's not opposed to helping other rappers out with their collab sneakers.

In today's BBC1 interview with Zane Lowe, Kanye spent some time singing Drake's praise and mentioning that he'd be willing to offer "confidential design advice on shoes [Drake is] doing over at the other company." Drake is of course a Jordan Brand athlete, so that's the "other brand" that's being alluded to here.

Kanye also referenced his frustrations with Nike that came up during his Zane Lowe interview from 2013. "I'm giving examples of work that I did that was really successful, and I'm just getting just completely shut down," Kanye said. "But not just by the company [Nike] we talked about last time, but every single company."

In the interview Kanye praised adidas' creative process for allowing him to product out product that was close to his heart, and he also talked about how the deal began with him calling up adidas' Global Director of Entertainment and Influencer Marketing, Jon Wexler. The full Kanye West BBC1 interview with Zane Lowe appears below.