by Brandon Richard

There's no shortage of Air Jordan 1 colorways, but no one is complaining about a few more. Or 16, even.

Moments ago, John Geiger shared this photo of an Air Jordan 1 color wheel on Twitter. There's a bit of Roy G. Biv at work here, similar to Pharrell Williams' color wheel of adidas Superstars unveiled last fall. Of course, Pharrell is under contract with adidas, but they do say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

But the wheel may not even be the work of Jordan Brand. Graphic Designer Mister Victory shared a tagged version of the same photo on his Instagram page two days ago. In the caption, he said the shoes were a special delivery for himself and @deaddilly. This could just be one big custom project  — but then why did Geiger share an untagged version of the photo tonight?

As of now, there's no other information about this colorful collection of Air Jordans.

UPDATE: The image is indeed the creation of Dead Dilly, and not an actual upcoming Jordan Brand collection. The artist created the shot as a viral image to comment on "the recent Adidas Pharrell Superstar hype." As mentioned above, the obvious connection here is the similar rainbow palette applied to this fictional set of shoes and to Pharrell's upcoming adidas Superstar collection. Dilly suggests with the image that Jordan Brand would do well with similar collections that pushed the creativity of its retro releases. Judging by the response on his rendered image, the internet agrees.

Air Jordan 1 Rainbow Colors Pack