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One of the things that helps to keep things so interesting on Sole Collector is your comments. Some of them make us laugh. Some make us angry. Some make us think. There are comments we agree with, and others where we wonder what drugs the person posting is on. But we appreciate them all.

We’re taking a look back each month at some of the best examples we’ve found of each type of comment. And in order to protect the innocent, we’ve removed the names of the individuals making the comments. We did however leave them fully intact. No edits whatsoever have been made.

Check them out, and let us know what you think. And let us know if you made any we missed. 


The True Story Behind the Banned Air Jordan

“Cool read..but it doesn't change anything..kinda like a myth..either way the bred Colorway in the retro 1 is sick..the commercial Nike used at the time made Jordans move..took Nike outta the slump they were in..so call it a lie or whatever..it worked..they made money and still continue to do so..”


Supreme Announces Release Information for Nike Air Force 1 High Collab

“this shoe cant be World Famous”


Drake May Lose His Jordan Deal When MJ Sees This Shot

“Give him a break guys, he still isn't used to shooting standing up yet.” 



Nikestore's Massive October Restock Went Down Last Night

“Nike as usual has me feeling like a sucker. I am basically begging them to take my money for a poorly made product, while constantly having my efforts rejected.”


Marcus Jordan May Be Giving Out Air Jordans with His Halloween Candy

“Could have at least given out full size candy bars if not giving out the shoes”


Michael Jordan is Finally Using Social Media (For a Day)

“Jordan is cool but Eryn Gradwell tho”


Nike Is Pushing Back the Release of the LeBron 12

“minor cosmetic flaw = they realized all of these color ways are terrible”


Release Date: Nike LeBron 12 NSW Lifestyle

“these look look my j crossovers...”


Michael Jordan Wears the 'Hornets' Air Jordan 13

“I'm amazed that a 6'6" tall man can somehow still find pants that are too big...”


Our (Least) Favorite Colorway of Every Air Jordan

“Someone once said ‘one man's trash is another man's treasure.’ With that said I'll add my own and say its not what you wear,its how you rock it. Sure some of these kicks look ugly’ by themselves,but somebody who knows a thing or two about putting the right ensemble of clothing together can make a lot of these kicks shine. On a side note I'm hoping they retro the AJ VI olympic's cause I have these multi colored Coogi shorts that will definitely complete the look I want. And the all white silver anniversary 11's? Those are head crackers at a all-white clothing themed summer party (with or without a jumpman). So as far as a list for the least favorite AJ colorway? No such thing because as John Witherspoon would say ‘you gotta know how to coordinate.’”