words // Zac Dubasik

During Nike's 2004 Chamber of Fear series of events, the world got its first look at the "Dunkman" concept, with the Zoom LeBron 2. The shoe was only a sample, but it went on to become one of the most anticipated colorways each year. 

Since the 2, we've seen some type of Dunkman colorway of every following model, whether it was a high or low, sample or released. Following today's look at the upcoming Dunkman LeBron 11, take a look back through each previous model.


Nike Zoom LeBron II

This is the shoe that started the Dunkman phenomenon. While there are slight variations in samples (different colors and designs of the Dunkman silhouette), they all feature the same blocking. 


Nike Zoom LeBron II Low

The mid-cut edition of the Dunkman LeBron II may be the most well-known, but it also was made in an even more exclusive low for the Goodwin Sports Management team, who represented LeBron at the time.


Nike Zoom LeBron III

The second model to feature the Dunkman colorway utilizes similar materials and colors to the first, with the addition of even more green. You could spot the logo itself on the medial side of the toe box.


Nike Zoom LeBron 3 Low

Even more rare than the mid is this black and white low-top Dunkman LeBron 3. It doesn't have the traditional colorway, but does feature the Dunkman logo on the heel. 


Nike Zoom LeBron IV

The "Fruity Pebble" LeBron 4 may be the most coveted, but this was the third straight shoe to feature an unreleased Dunkman colorway. Rather than the tradiional Foamposite upper seen on all other IVs, this version included a nubuck-esque synethtic body. The Dunkman logo was seen through the shoe's translucent outsole.



Nike Zoom LeBron V

After three years of only being friends and family exclusives, the first Dunkman colorway finally hit store shelves, with the Zoom LeBron V. It's worth noting that the actual Dunkman logo was nowhere to be found on these.



Nike Zoom LeBron V Low

Not only did the mid-cut version of the LeBron V release in a Dunkman colorway, it was followed up by a low as well.


Nike Zoom LeBron 6 Low Supreme

There may have been no mid-cut Dunkman edition of The Six, but the low featured the most prominent placement of the dunk silhouette yet.



Nike Air Max LeBron VII

While the colorway may have changed significantly, there was no mistaking the VII colorway of the Dunkman thanks to the giant silhouetts visible through the shoe's outsole.


Nike Air Max LeBron VII Low

The mid-top may have strayed from the standard green and grey Dunkman look, but the low-top edition of the seven returned to the usual formula.



Nike Air Max LeBron 8

Following a few years of being released, this version of the Dunkman 8 was back to being friends and family only.


Nike LeBron 8 P.S.

The standard version of the LeBron 8 may not have released, but the Dunkman colorway of the 8 P.S. was available to the public, with the logo seen along the heel.


Nike LeBron 9

The LeBron 9 version of the Dunkman was once again available as a general release.



Nike LeBron 9 P.S. Elite

This Volt-colored LeBron 9 P.S. Elite was only a sample, but featured the Dunkman logo on both the heel and tongue.



Nike LeBron X

The LeBron X Dunkman may not follow the exact colorway formula, but the Dunkman silhouette found on the medial heel left no doubts as to its inspiration.



Nike LeBron X

Best known for its all-Volt colorway, this LeBron X was also a Dunkman, featuring the same logo placement as the afforementioned LeBron X.

Nike LeBron 11

This Dunkman was first seen in GS sizing, but has now hit the web as a men's shoe.


Nike LeBron 12

Labeled the 'Dunk Force' edition, this pair comes in the traditional grey and electric green colorway, complete with the 'Dunkman' logo on the inside of the left shoe.



Nike Zoom Soldier

LeBron's main signature line wasn't the only place for Dunkman colorways to hit. They have also released on his Soldier line, beginning with the 1.



Nike Zoom Soldier 2

The Zoom Soldier 2 was the second straight model from LeBron's team line to be released in a Dunkman colorway.


Nike Zoom Soldier 3

While not the final Soldier model to feature the Dunkman colorway, the streak would be broken after the 3.



Nike Zoom Soldier 6

Following a two-year absence, the Dunkman colorway returned to the Soldier line on the 6.


Nike Zoom LeBron Low ST

The Zoom LeBron Low ST may not be the most popular shoe in the history of the LeBron line, but even that shoe saw a release in a Dunkman colorway.


Nike Air Force 1 Low

It seems only right that there would have been a friends and family-exclusive Dunkman edition of the AF1. While not the exact standard Dunkman colorway, the silhouette was placed directly on the tongue tag.



Nike Air Max 90

In late 2011, this Air Max 90 Dunkman sample surfaced, but like many of the other shoes in this list, has never released.



Air Trainer 1.3 Max Breathe

While this Dunkman version of the Air Trainer Max 1.3 Breathe may look similar to the Dunkman LeBron 8 P.S., this one never hit store shelves.