by Zac Dubasik

After being hit by a pitch during a baseball tournament, Tim Haarmann developed a massive bruise that lasted 10 weeks, while he became increasingly weak. During his recovery, Tim would walk 24 laps around his unit, the equivalent of a mile, and that number serves as inspiration behind the Nike Free 5.0 he helped design for this year’s Doernbecher collection.

The shoe features a purple upper, with “24 Laps” written on the heels, in honor of Tim’s journey, in which he travel a total of 53 miles while at Doernbecher. A custom checkered pattern lines the shoe, inspired by the flags at the finish line of a race. The shoe also serves as a tribute to the memory of Big Boy and Audrey – two of Tim’s friends who battled cancer at the hospital.

You can buy the Doernbecher Free 5.0, along with matching apparel, on Sunday, November 23.

11/23/14 Air Jordan 8 Retro DB
$105.00 - Men’s
$90.00 - Gradeschool