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One of the things that helps to keep things so interesting on Sole Collector is your comments. Some of them make us laugh. Some make us angry. Some make us think. There are comments we agree with, and others where we wonder what drugs the person posting is on. But we appreciate them all.

We’re taking a look back each month at some of the best examples we’ve found of each type of comment. And in order to protect the innocent, we’ve removed the names of the individuals making the comments. We did however leave them fully intact. No edits whatsoever have been made.

Check them out, and let us know what you think. And let us know if you made any we missed. 


Photos of Michael Jordan Being Cool as Hell at the Ryder Cup Today 

“Not a big fan or Jordan Brand clothing most of the time, but that hoodie and bucket hat are pretty decent actually. I don't see elephant print on either one. Compared to some of the wack outfits and jogger pants I see on here he's actually dressed pretty good to chill out and watch some golf/take photos with old white ladies.”


Kanye Finds Sneakers To Match His Nike Shorts And Socks 

“In response to all the comments below justifying this shit.. He is signed with the RIVAL for 10 million plus royalties. There are a dozens of other sneakers he could be promoting and hyping up like Big Sean x Adidas Collab, Pharrells new Stan Smith's, Pusha T's adidas etc. I've never seen an athlete or signee to a major brand or company rock or represent the rivals brand like that and getting paid that much money.”


D-Wade Has Done A Lot Just To Wear This Here Lifestyle 

“Clicked because the title referenced Young Thug, stayed because the article didn't actually have anything to do with Young Thug”


You Can Buy the Nike MAG for Less Than $100 

“•Officially Licensed
•Recreates the style seen in Back to the Future II
•Hi-Top style with textured sole for traction 
•Fits with an adjustable Velcro strap around ankle and elastic on top of shoe
•Shoes light up just like in the movie!
•Shoes charge up easily with included USB cable Since these are officially licensed why not?!?!? First replica cop since 2004”


LeBron James Talks Retroing His Sneakers and Lessons From Barely Wearing His Last Signature Shoes On Court 

"’It hurt a lot [that I was only able to wear the 11 some games]’ = ‘It hurt a lot [that the Lebron XI is so rigid and a pain-in-the-ass to wear]’”


19 Air Jordans That Haven't Retroed Yet 

“Shouldn't there be some sneakers that are never retroed? I guess its pretty much too late now since Nike has retroed to death practically all of them already. Nike should had never retroed some Jordan's in there original colors. That was the mistake from the beginning. For example instead of the retro V grapes with the same color blocking of the originals,Nike should've just released the all black grapes. Or at least a reversed color blocking of the original grapes.”


10 Of The Most Expensive Custom Sneakers You’ll Ever See 

“Not even gonna hate, most of these are extremely dope and look amazing. The Mags, the Lebrons, good stuff.”


Release Date: Nike KD 7 'Bad Apple' 

“Geeeeez Nike, get off it already. Nuff's enough.
"Bad Apple" my ass. Worst 'cover up' shoe name ever.”


An Official Look at the adidas Originals = Pharrell Williams Icon's Pack 

“I was banking on there being a ten gallon hat among the collection ): What's a Pharrell collection with a Mounties hat.”


If You Want The 'Pantone' Air Jordan 11 Retro You Will Need $500 

“Very slick JB and Nike. First, shooting stars pack, with the dope foams, and awful pennys, then the brazil pack, with nice 6s and horrible cp3s, and now the pantone pack, with fresh 11s and horrible XX9s. All topped off with a price tag of $500.”