That time of the year has come around again. The time where Forbes Magazine does its annual ranking of the most valuable sports brands - from actual athletic companies, to events, to the pro athletes themselves. Coming in at No. 1 in the athlete brand category is LeBron James, who pulled in $53 million off of the basketball court this year and has a personal brand valued to be worth $37 million. That figure is $10 million more than where Forbes had LeBron in 2013, topping the likes of Tiger Woods and Roger Federer. 

Telling by that top three of valuable athlete brands, it comes without surprise, Nike came in at the No. 1 business for the third straight year. According to Forbes, the Swoosh is worth about $19 billion, which is roughly $2 billion more than it was last year. See the full ranking, and how much money each is worth, at Forbes.