Sneakerheads all over have come to accept that re-sellers are an inherent part of the game. But, can brands tap into the profits that small-time entrepeneurs are cashing in on every weekend? FiveThirtyEight spoke to Campless founder Josh Luber to get his take on the market. 


“This is kind of the holy grail of sneakerhead questions,” Luber told FveThirtyEight, admitting he didn't have a solid answer to how a brand like Nike can get a piece of the profits that resellers are making on the flip of its limited sneakers. “It’s a really complicated question.” According to the research on Luber's sneaker data site, sneaker sales on eBay totaled $338 million in the last year, a 31 percent bump over the previous years. 

For the full profile on Luber's data and other re-sellers in sneakers, you can head to FiveThirtyEight.