Sometimes pranks with Air Jordans can go totally wrong. But sometimes, people can actually make a difference in the lives of people. That's what happened when YouTube personality Dawson Durley, AKA BigDawsTV headed into the streets of Compton, Calif. to hand out pairs of Air Jordans to strangers .. for free.

The YouTuber, who grew up a Michael Jordan and sneaker fan, said inspiration to do this was a reaction to a video that DennisCeeTV did where the pranksters went into New York neighborhoods and stepped on people's Air Jordans. His view was that the prank video put sneaker culture in a bad light, and wanted to do something positive instead.

"I know a lot of people who can’t afford their own shoes," he said. "I always had a pair of Jordan’s so I wanted to give people the chance to have that opportunity."

Durley spent $658 of his own money at Foot Locker to buy 6 pairs of Air Jordan retros to give away. Not only did he hand out free shoes, but also a gift receipt to the store. "I tried to wait until I saw anybody that’s looks like me that looked like they would like to wear some Jordans," he said. "Nobody turned me down." 

Although it's his first video related to sneakers, it's not the first where he's given things away for free. Last month, Daws posted a video where he posed as a homeless person and gave cash to people who gave him money. "I do a lot of like pranks and real awkward social interactions stuff like that," Dawson said. "We’ll I try to do a giving video maybe once a month or two."

How would you react if a stranger gifted you with a free pair? Watch what happened by watching the video above.