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One of the things that helps to keep things so interesting on Sole Collector is your comments. Some of them make us laugh. Some make us angry. Some make us think. There are comments we agree with, and others where we wonder what drugs the person posting is on. But we appreciate them all.

We’re taking a look back each month at some of the best examples we’ve found of each type of comment. And in order to protect the innocent, we’ve removed the names of the individuals making the comments. We did however leave them fully intact. No edits whatsoever have been made.

Check them out, and let us know what you think. And let us know if you made any we missed. 

Drake Wears Unreleased Air Jordan 3 in Nicki Minaj's 'Anaconda' Video

“drakes like, ‘you don't have to do this, nicki...’” 


adidas D Howard 5 'Windex'

“Reminds me a little of an Anta model”


Trinidad James Presents: Camp James '1st and 15th' Episode 20

 “no james just say, you broke and you couldnt buy anything, you aint got to sugar coat nothing.”


Breaking: Jordan Brand Stops Production on the Air Jordan 3

“Now if only nike would do the same for the foamposite”


Breaking: Nike Counters Under Armour's Offer To Kevin Durant

“Damn! I was hoping that KD would have went to Under Armour instead. I feel like UA would be a great fit for him. Also another reason that I wanted to see him go to UA was because it would add in more diversity to where all of the major NBA players have shoe deals with. Just by KD going to UA it could have helped people in USA see that Nike is NOT the only company that makes great shoes and sports apparel. The UA Anatomix Spawn was rated as one of the best b-ball shoes from 2013.”


Jordan Brand Officially Introduces the Jordan CP3.VIII

“Cp3s are always pretty boring, but a consistently great performer. Decent price as well. Only thing about them for me is that I like a little more ankle protection for balling, otherwise I'd probably grab a pair.”


Release Info: Air Jordan Future Premium 'Gum Sole'

 “shoes or a basket?”


Wild New Colorway of the Nike LeBron 12

“Shit like this is why KD is thinking about leaving Nike

Also $280,000,000”


Michael Jordan Took On the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

 “I like how no one is floundering around after being nominated (Obama---but my bad, you're only running the country), Jeter did it last night, nominated MJ, and he did it this morning. Can't wait to see Phil and the Dreamteam.....Idk why, but I wanna see Larry and Stockton get it, they're always so damn serious. Would be cool if they can get them all together though.”


#MJmondays // Hulk Hogan's Unexpected Passion for Air Jordans

 “Corny people get upset when other corny people get into shoes as if it 
affects their life directly. You were mad when he started wearing em, then you were mad cause he only flexes GR's (probably of a shoe some of you had to pay over retail for, while he gets em for free), actin like he gives a fuck if they're limited or not, mans probably just happy to have em. Dude's just like 
anyone else, let him do what he wants. Still dresses better than some of
these grown men "sneakerheads" out there who match an outfit head to 
toe according to their shoes. If he wants to wear some damn jordans, let 
him wear jordans.”