There's a new NBA season on the horizon, and players are gearing up for what sneakers they'll be bringing on court. One of adidas' latest endorsers, Jeremy Lin, spoke to Jacques Slade about making the switch from the Swoosh to the Three Strips last year. "They made it clear from the start that they really believed in me. They made me a partner and made me part of the process and that they wanted to grow with me. They showed me that they want me to take part in the creative process," Lin said. "That's something I love doing. I My first few years wasn't necessarily like that, so I'm happy to now."

So what sneakers will Lin be lacing up this season? "I'll be playing in the Crazy Quick 2 Lows in the first half, and the Crazy Quick 2.5 Lows the second half," he said, adding that they'll be player editions. Lin also confirmed that there'll be a limited-edition Jeremy Lin Crazy 8 dropping in December. No word yet on it will be this colorway that was first seen in August.