Presented by Levi's

We’ve interviewed a lot of sneakerheads over the years. OG cats from New York City. Florida artists and West Coast trendsetters. Women from Hawaii. And when I ask them what’s changed—why is sneaker culture different ... how ... what?—they all reply with the same answer: Instagram. Instagram changed everything.

Summer is over and fall is here, which means every sneakerhead in the world needs to polish off their Levi’s® jeans and throw the shorts in storage. The problem, though, is that most people straight up don’t know how to pair jeans with sneakers, which is pretty sorry considering nothing looks better on the ’gram than that. When you can’t connect on the denim/shoes combo, when they fail to look fresh, guess what? Your Instagram followers are going to be upset. You can’t go on there looking weak.

Thankfully, we have you covered with this instructional video on how to wear denim for all you icon wannabes out there. You don’t need a crazy amount of money. You don’t need to try to dress like your favorite hipster rapper. You don’t need to be that hypebeast who says forget it and starts rocking runners every day. To style with denim, you only need to follow a few simple steps.

From cuffing your jeans to choosing a fit to seeing a tailor—you can even get professionally measured for free at a Levi’s store—check out the video above on How to Wear Denim With Your Sneakers. If you don’t care and still go outside dressed like it’s 2002, just know that you might end up on the wrong end of #NTdenim. Don’t be that guy. Get it together.