words // Zac Dubasik

Typically, when we feature shoes made in Italy, they sell for about the resale price of an exclusive retro Air Jordan. On the bright side, they're far better made, and you don't have to camp out to get a pair. But now, by eliminating the middle men, GREATS BRAND is down to deliver them straight to your door, and do it at a price you couldn't even get those retros for, even if you did camp out.

The Royale is handmade in Civitanova Italy, a region often known as "Shoe Valley" thanks to its use in the prodction of high-end footwear for many luxury fashion houses. The shoe features Vachetta leather in both the footbed and lining, and adds waxed cotton laces, on top of its well-known Italian Margom sole.

If you're interested in grabbing a pair (or two), they're available in white, as seen below, as well as black, for $159, or $300 for two pairs.